Crema Pro - helping you make the perfect coffee


Started in 2003, and harnessing many years of experience working hands-on within the café industry, Compact Designs International has grown and evolved through the years into a well-known supplier of espresso machine accessories. We have been selling to England since 2005 and have expanded our customer base throughout Europe, Asia, Australia and New Zealand. The years of making and serving coffee in our busy cafes in London and Australia have meant we truly understand coffee and what barista tools are needed to accompany the espresso machine, either in the busy café or your home. The Crema Pro range doesn’t consist of gimmicky toys… just hard wearing and practical tools for everyday use.

Product information

Many items in our range are available in 4 great colours , Red, Burnt Orange, Red and Black. At Crema Pro we pride ourselves on stringent quality control and along with our great customer service we can deliver you a quality product!

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