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How to make the perfect espresso

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Although for most of us this may be a subconscious task, it’s worth reminding ourselves occasionally of the steps we need to take to make the perfect espresso. We may have developed a few short cuts or bad habits that may be compromising our coffee potential – read on!

The key to great coffee is consistency in technique, equipment and product.

Step 1 – Beans. If you can – buy your beans from a supplier who knows how old the beans are and where they were roasted and processed (obviously fresh is best). For optimal flavour – coffee should be used within three weeks of roasting for optimal flavour). If not used, it’s important to store in an airtight container.

Step 2 – The grind. Using either a Burr (preferred) or Blade grinder, grind your beans to a fine powder. **A single portafilter will hold approx. 7g of grind and a double between14 – 21g

Step 3 – Tamping. It's recommended to tamper with about 13.5kgs of body weight /pressure – the basket should be 4/5 full

Step 4 – Purge. Run some water through before making your espresso.

Step 5 – The Extraction. The ideal extraction is said to be 30mls and according to some, if it takes more than 30 seconds to produce a 30ml shot your grind is likely too fine.

Crema Pro can help you through all of this process. You have taken the time and effort to source the highest quality beans so why not source the highest quality espresso machine accessories? Crema Pro’s accessories are all located in the online store, cleaning brushes, micro cloths, cocoa shakers, tampers, knock boxes, milk thermometers and tamper mats. They also bundle some of these items together in a Barista Kit (offering exceptional value for money). Crema Pro also include free shipping worldwide so there is absolutely no reason why you can’t make that perfect espresso, wherever you live!

Next week we will take a look at ‘signs of a good coffee’

perfect coffee, crema pro, cup of coffee