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How good is your tamper? (SPECIAL OFFER)

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Choosing a quality tamper is a very important consideration in making the perfect cup of coffee.

Too much tamping pressure can result in a bitter shot and too little pressure can produce a very watery shot of coffee.

The purpose of the tamper is to pack your grounded coffee evenly (into something often called a cake or a puck) so that the water needs to force its way through the grounds thus interacting with the coffee for longer and running through the entire cake. The combination of time and distribution of water are both directly effected by the tamping and if done well, can result in a fuller flavor espresso shot.

Some espresso machines and coffee grinders have a tamper built into them, but due to its position and angle, it is very difficult to tamper well if the tamper is attached to anything. Most coffee experts will recommend tamping by hand using a coffee tamper.

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Do you need to invest in a coffee tamper or update your current tamper? Crema Pro have a beautiful range of stylish and quality tampers. Featuring a solid 304 stainless steel base, this weighty tamper provides sturdy feel when tamping coffee. Its flat base ensures an even tamp, and the rubber handle fits easily in the palm for a comfortable and ergonomic grip.

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