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How clean is your machine?

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You have taken the trouble to find a beautiful espresso machine that suits your needs and budget – that’s the first step in your journey to making the perfect coffee. But like anything, its important that you provide your espresso machine with tender loving care, so it can go on performing for years.

By keeping your espresso machine clean you can avoid having to drink awful coffee and potential expensive repair work or maintenance.

  • Each day you should:
  • Clean the group handle of coffee grounds and remove the filter basket
  • Empty the contents of the drip tray (even if its not full)
  • Wipe any remaining milk from the steam wand and release steam through the wand to give it a good clean This should be done each time you steam milk.
  • Use a head cleaning brush to remove any coffee build up from the group head (perhaps the most important step)
  • Wash the drip tray, group head, filter basket in warm soapy water (don’t use a dishwasher!) and remember to dry fully before reuse.

For longer term cleaning you will need to descale/deep clean your espresso machine, but we can talk about that in another blog!

To perform a daily clean you will need the following:

Crema Pro have a quality group head brush that comes in packs of two – here and has Micro cloths in sets of 2 - here or 4 - here

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