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Espresso Machine Maintenance
Whether you are using a $10,000 top of the range espresso machine or a $100 Kmart bargain bin model, there is no doubt that regular care and attention will result in a machine that will last longer. But did you also know that it will make your coffee taste better too!

Daily in a café or weekly at home:

  • Extract water through the group head and brush off loose coffee grounds with our group head brush
  • Backflush your espresso machine using your blind filter and choice of cleaning powder – this will force water back up into the group head and enable to removal of oils, grime and build up within the internal piping of the group head.
  • It’s important to also perform a rinse cycle backflush to clear out any remaining chemical cleaners.
  • Clean the group head. Wipe down and then remove the showers screen or basket (you may need to undo a screw to do this). If your Shower screen or basket needs thorough cleaning, submerge the screen in clean water with a Teaspoon of backwash powder, leave it until after all coffee oils can be removed, rinse under running water and when clean reattach it making sure not to overtighten the screw.
  • Don’t forget to clean the steam wand with a micro cloth and always purge with a blast of steam after milk has been frothed. If holes are blocked (or partially blocked) on your steam wand use a pin unclog it.

3 Monthly

  • Over time hard water minerals build up inside your machine. This can be reduced with the use of a descaling chemical (and follow their directions) or you can use simple vinegar.
  • For a vinegar descale, simply dilute 1 part water with 1 part distilled white vinegar and run the solution through your machine and then discard. Repeat the process twice more with fresh clean water

Crema Pro have the highest quality accessories for your Espresso machine. Our Group Head brushes are made from hard wearing polypropylene that can withstand temperature of up to 200 degrees. Our Micro cloths are of very high quality and machine washable to ensure that your steam wand and coffee machine can be kept clean and dry and looking perfect at all times.

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