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Equipment profile – Microfiber towels.

Now that you are on your path to making the perfect espresso, you need to be able to keep your workplace and equipment clean. Using microfiber towels will add to the longevity of your tools and ensure that you don’t have any dried milk or grounds from previous pours. It will also shine up your espresso machine and return it to your proud kitchen centerpiece.

One of our most popular products in the Crema Pro range is the microfiber towel so we thought we would dedicate this blog post to our barista towels.

The Crema Pro range of microfiber barista towels are an essential tool for the barista, or home use. These cloths are excellent quality, super absorbent and make cleaning a breeze.

The 2 pack set compromises of 2 towels, brown, size 600 x 300mm and blue, size 400 x 400mm and are suited for a commercial environment. The brown towel comes with a carabiner clip to attach to your apron or coffee machine so it’s always close at hand to clean the porta filter after each use.
The blue towel is for cleaning the steam wand after each use and for general cleaning of your coffee machine.

The 4 pack set includes 2 grey and 2 black towels sizes: 300 x 300mm and are perfect for the home or a small cafe.

They are the most suitable cloth for cleaning your espresso machine, keeping it sparkling clean and polished, keeping the steam wand free of milk residue, and for cleaning all areas of the coffee station. As a bonus, they are also perfect for cleaning glass!

In fact they are a fantastic all round cleaning cloth and can be used anywhere!

In the spirit of ensuring that all espresso machines are well cared for and look amazing, for a limited time we are offering a 10 % on both sets of towels.

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