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Do you need a knock box? (SPECIAL OFFER)

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A knock box is one of the most essential tools you’ll need to accompany your espresso machine to make the perfect coffee, Sometimes called a ‘bash-bin’ or a ‘coffee column’ its a device used to store spent espresso grounds. They are a great investment if you are not already using one, you may wonder why you need one so here are a few reasons.


  • Damage - If you don’t have a good sturdy knock box you’ll risk ruining the porta filter. Banging on the edge of the rubbish bin to release the puck or scraping the grind out will seriously do some damage over time… both to your porta filter and to your bin.
  • Tidy - It will keep your workspace tidy and free of messy stray coffee grounds because you now have a specific place to target the grounds.
    • You may still be washing your grounds down the sink, but it’s very likely that will eventually cause your drains to block and a cause a potentially expensive plumbing bill.
    • If you are using your bin, how many times have you had an accidental spill on the way to empty?
    • Inexpensive - It’s probably one of the most cost-effective parts of your espresso setup and will ultimately improve your espresso making workflow. Imagine being able to knock out a puck and then being able to make another espresso drink immediately.
    • Environmentally Friendly - It means that you can have a receptacle that is purely used for collecting grounds and therefore is ideal for people who would like to save their grounds for use as a garden fertilizer. Grinds are great for the worm farm (if you have one) or for sprinkling directly onto the flower bed to deter snails.  

    If you already own an espresso machine, a sturdy knock box is a good thing to add to your workflow. So why not start knocking right now? Crema Pro have a range of colours and sizes to suit your décor budget or workspace. Check out our range
    Click here for the 175mm Knock Box – ideal for benchtops or a small cafe

    Click here for the smaller 110mm Knock Box. – ideal for your kitchen bench-top at home

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