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Coffee - Facts around the world.

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On with the facts.

Did you know that in 2015, the largest coffee consumption (in litres per capita) was the Netherlands – Gulping down over double the amount consumed in the USA! The population of the Netherlands manages to consume 260.4 litres per capita – that’s 700mls of coffee every day of the year for everyone that lives there!

The largest cup of coffee ever made (2014) holds 14225.58 litres (3758 gallons) of coffee, it was prepared by Caffe Bene, a coffeehouse chain in Seoul, South Korea

The largest espresso machine in the world measures 3.72 meters tall and 2.48 meters wide and 3.07 meters long. It was unveiled at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles. It can hold 492 litres of water and filter 32.6kg of coffee. So in one shot it can serve 3820 shots of double espresso!

The most expensive coffee pods are being sold as a set of 5 for $388 Singaporean dollars (that’s $54.64 USD each!!). Apart from harvesting what they consider to be the finest coffee beans they also add 22K gold dust. You can actually purchase the same variety without the gold dust at a much cheaper price.

The most cappuccinos made in one hour is 353 and was achieved by and Australian, Samantha Gardiner. The event took place at Atlas Expresso – Hobart, Tasmania. This is the third time that this coffee house has held the record!

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